Friday 11 March 2016

Can Companies In The Industry of Food Manage Without A Food Safety Consultant?

Companies that are dealing in foodstuffs of any kind are required to have a food safety consultant in place for advice about how foodstuff should be handled, stored and even maintained properly to prevent infestation by bacteria or humans in order to deliver high-quality products to their consumers. Some countries around the world have passed legislation stating that companies like these must have a food safety consultants within their staff. Therefore, it can be said that companies located in these countries will not be able to continue their business without advice from a food safety consultant.

After the legislation was passed a number of companies had questions related to this matter commenting that they had been in the business for a number of years and had all knowledge about how foodstuff should be managed properly. These companies had the feeling that the legislation did not serve any purpose for them because they had been delivering safe products to their consumers for quite a long time. Perhaps the company did not realize they could become an example just because they ignored the subject of complying with the regulations.

Food-borne illnesses can strike at any time and place without a warning. Companies that are in the business for a long time could very well have a feeling that it can never happen to them because they have all the measures in place to keep such problems away. However, they can never be certain about this matter because foodstuff can get infested merely by handling improperly or even being stored at the wrong temperatures. Companies that ignore these matters could be penalized heavily for staying noncompliant with the measures and could even lose their business because of these reasons.

There are a number of countries where there is no legislation stating the requirement of a food safety consulting and it is quite common to see a number of deaths happening in them quite regularly. Most are related to improper handling of foodstuff and matters related to food poisoning. The countries where such incidences are reported the most are located in Southeast Asia and these are signatories of the WHO agreement. However, despite having made a commitment to provide proper foodstuff to their citizens they do not have the infrastructure or the willingness to pass legislation or ensure it is properly followed. It is such incidences that companies should be looking at when they wonder whether they will be able to manage without a food safety consultant.

Companies that have been in the business for quite some time should clearly not face any problems if they are required to enlist the help of a food safety consultant. They should rather be happy they are being given an opportunity to improve on the type of services they provide and become a better organization simply because they have decided to comply with the regulations set forth by their government. On the other hand, companies that have the staff required can even look forward to getting them trained and certified as a food safety consultant that can work in the capacity of an in-house expert. These are matters companies should never be looking forward to ignoring because they can only benefit from a food safety consultant and not come to any harm if they decide to hire one.

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