Tuesday 22 March 2016

Is HACCP Consulting The Answer To Food-borne-Illnesses?

An illness because of having contaminated foodstuff is quite common with the United States and all parts of the globe. After giving the matter plenty of thought governments worldwide have concluded they should have a system which will make it mandatory on food producers of all types to follow a set of guidelines and deliver products that can be consumed by all. Presently, all organizations in the business of foodstuffs are required to follow the Hazard Analysis And Critical Control Points, which also has the abbreviation of HACCP. Authorities who have promulgated the ordinance have given several methods to show how it will be easier for organizations to deliver safe and healthy foodstuff to its consumers simply by implementing the guidelines specified under HACCP.

The authorities have also clarified that it will be better for organizations to contact HACCP consulting companies to understand how they can comply with the requirements. Organizations have not been any leeway in these matters because of the vast data that is on hand to show how foodstuff can get contaminated during any stage of the production, packaging, storage and even handling by different people. Information is easily available that contamination of foodstuffs can happen because of contact by humans and even by bacteria and therefore, safeguards have been defined to avoid such incidences.

Whether HACCP consulting is the answer to food-borne illnesses or not is a matter of individual perception. It will not be difficult to find a number of organizations believing that they have all the knowledge they need and are not required to contact a consulting company simply to understand how they should be handling, storing or transporting foodstuff. Perhaps these organizations believe they are the final authority in such matters and not need advice from anyone just because they have been in the business for quite some time. However, the facts on the ground are entirely different because incidences have been recorded where the best organizations delivered products that had been contaminated for various reasons. It is only after such incidences that the authorities concluded that it was better to have the guidelines of HACCP along with HACCP consultant as a solution to the problem.

The United States and Europe both have passed legislation to confirm HACCP as a requirement, which will have to be followed by organizations dealing in foodstuffs. They have even specified penalties for those that do not conform to the standards specified. However, this is not a standard procedure in some parts of the world where the problem still exists. This is not an indicator that governments of these countries are ignorant about the problems or has stayed away from making certain that the guidelines are followed. It is the lax attitude within the countries that is perhaps a reason why the problem has continued to foster with no improvements being seen for quite some time.

Organizations that feel they can easily get the information about HACCP from various sources are free to adopt this method if they consider it better for their requirements. However, it must be specified that they cannot ignore the requirement of HACCP consulting because the individual offering the services will have information that will not be available through other sources. These are people who are trained in these matters and are also in regular touch with the certifying bodies. Therefore, it can be considered highly essential to have HACCP consulting services for organizations involved in the business of foodstuffs.

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